Summer Bucket List Part 1

We are doing a pretty good job of getting things checked off our summer bucket list! It's been super fun and exhausting summer already and I'm scratching my head wondering how in the world July fourth has come and gone already.. We are keeping the kids majorly worn out right now which seems fun in the moment and like you are being cool parents keeping them up all late and what not until your husband gets to go to work the next day and your stuck with these tiny demons you created yourself for the entire day. That would be the only downfall of summer fun, but we are just getting them naps whenever we can and not basing what are children say when they are sleepy on their general personality because otherwise we should question our parenting am I riiiight???

I told my husband that a dad should have to be responsible for few things in life but those things are making really delicious smorgasbord breakfasts on weekends and video taping our children's lives, I mean not asking a lot, but here I am picking up his video taping slack..haha I've done a decent job at keeping that bad boy charged and on hand for everything so I'm hoping by the end of the summer I can get some video conglomerations together! Our first big check off the board was going to Dutch Wonderland. Its a short drive for us and the park is small enough to finish in one day and the kids are able to ride just about everything. Lancaster is pretty dreamy to drive through and Crew was in utter heaven seeing all the horses and farm animals and loved the buggies. For a quick trip it is one of our favorites and the kids ask to go back each year, definitely suggest it for families with young kids! Stay tuned for the rest of our summer bucket list completions!

Red, White and Blue

Summer time for me is pretty much free reign to wear red, white and blue. With July 4th right around the corner I have included some awesome family finds. I like to get the kids a bunch of things they are able to wear the whole summer and I have found some of my favorites this summer. I also included my favorite summer shoes..gingham. I am slightly obsessed with gingham so these are perfect and a summer classic! Enjoy these finds and share what are your favorite things to wear for fourth of July!

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